DECENT Marine Engineering

With its tremendous services provided in the niche market of Marine Engineering, DECENT Group has built up an irreplaceable and gigantic client list. Founded in 2003, the corporation has worked with the likes of Dubai Ports Authority, D.M.W, Emarat (EGPC) and many others. All of these companies are government controlled and thus, shows immense trust over DECENT Marine Engineering’s service capabilities. In addition, not only Government companies, but Private firms too have also been part of DECENT’s long listed clientele.

DECENT Marine Engineering has made it to the top notch companies in the UAE. Our area of dexterity are:

  • Steel structures
  • SS Works
  • Pressure vessels
  • General Engineering works
  • Storage tanks (SS & MS)

The Company’s successful portfolio includes drafting, constructing, and assembling of:

  • General engineering
  • Steel building plus factories
  • All types of industrial steel doors
  • Mobile ramp plus car carrier ramps
  • Roofing, warehousing, and cladding
  • Assembling of overhead crane
  • Industrial steel doors
  • Water tanks towers
  • Manual and electrical heavy sliding doors, multi-leafed and double functioning
  • Road tanks, storage tanks, and presser vessels.