With the aim of serving all those corporations, which are listed and managed in the area of Jebel Ali Free zone, the foundation of DECENT Heavy Equipment was laid. The objective was to support and meet the heavy equipment goals of these companies 99 percent.

Not only that we offer services when there is a scheduled checkup. But, we consider it our responsibility to assist our clients when there is an emergency. For that, the 20 minutes support call is provided in which our expert team members provides you with the authentic solutions. Whether the equipment has faced breakdown or fault, our skilled team will be there to support you. With the constant concentration on trouble shooting area, we have narrowed the response time and have made it rapid. This is mainly because; most of the clients’ business is depending on this heavy machinery present in the factories or warehouses. Moreover, these equipment’s and machinery are costly and giants, which cannot be left without fixing. The stoppage of these equipments, results in time and money loss, both. Our understanding and experience make us the most trustworthy name in the industry.


We guarantee our Clients of a peaceful operation once they introduce us to their Machine’s AMC schedule.
We troubleshoot, repair and repair all types of forklift. And our response time is 20 minutes by which time our technician will be at your JAFZA site to inspect your equipment.

Repair and maintenance


Forklift or Lift Truck, is a powered industrial truck that is used to lift and move materials over short distances, preferably in the constructional sites, warehouses, factories, etc.
Type: Diesel Forklift or Electric Forklift
Capacity: 3 tonnes, 5 tonnes, 7 tonnes, 10 tonnes, and 15 tonnes.



Scissor lift is a type of Aerial Work Platform that can extend only vertical opening up like how a scissor would open in a criss-cross ‘X’ pattern, hence the name. Some also have a horizontal extending bridge to allow closer access to work area, because of inherent limits of vertical-only movement.
Type: Diesel Scissor Lift or Electric Scissor Lift
Capacity: 8 meters, 10 meters, 12 meters, 14 meters and 18 meters.

Scissor lift


Manlift or Boomlift, similar to Scissor Lift is also an Aerial Work Platform. Unlike a Scissor Lift, this machine has the liberty of moving both vertically and horizontally, all thanks to the extending booms they are fitted with. They are a very useful equipment when it comes to covering maintenances of high areas where some other heavy machines may not get good access.
Type: Diesel Manlift or Electric Manlift.
Capacity: 12 meters, 15 meters, 21 meters and 26 meters.

Articulating Boomlift


Telehandler or Telescopic Handler, is a mix of a crane and a forklift, where the forks (or any other attachment as required by the Client) extends forward due to the boom of the machine.
Capacity: 12 meters, 14 meters and 17 meters.

Telehandler Boomloader


Excavator or Digger, is a heavy construction equipment consisting of a boom, dipper, bucket and a cab on a rotating platform.
Our 20 Tonnes capacity Excavator has acquired various positive comments from across the country.

JCB Excavator


Crane is an Industrial machine that is used to both lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally. A crane is generally equipped with a hoist rope, wire rope, or chains or sheaves to achieve its lifting and lowering purpose.
Type: 4 wheels, 6 wheels, crawler.
Capacity: 25 tonnes, 50 tonnes, 100 tonnes, 120 tonnes and 160 tonnes.

Mobile crane

DECENT Heavy Equipment ensures that we are taking care of your machinery while you are accommodating your valuable clients. Name any equipment you have and our highly qualified technicians will get your machinery back in working form within a blink. Our service experience of more than 50 years makes us standing out from the crowd and enhances our client’s trust.