Based on the high-quality skills and procedural expertise, Decent Steel is the most reliable name with the experience of over 34 years in the MENA area. We continuously strive to enhance our expertise and provide assistance to the companies out there. From DECENT Steel, our clients receive all the services associated with the Steel. Our proficient and skilled team offers best of the solutions from the banner of Decent Steel.

At Decent Steel, we offer you with the services at your best ease. For instance, we understand that moving your heavy machinery or equipment is not feasible every time for the client due to its size and transportation hassles. Thus, our skillful team reaches out to your sites for blasting and painting tasks.

Services and skills offered:


Sandblasting is a type of Abrasive Blasting that uses Sand as the Abrasive (also called Media) whose stream is propelled onto a surface under high pressure to smoothen its rough surfaces (or vice versa). We provide professional sand-blasting, grit-blasting and garnet-blasting services for steel and other metal structures, both in-house or on-site.



DECENT Steel deploys professional, highly trained and certified blasters, and spray painters for high quality, long running, and fast results. Our team is recognized across the region for completing all their assigned work long before the allocated deadlines giving our Clients ample time to submit their work.

Spray painting


DECENT Steel deploys professional and highly trained spray painters for coating sandblasted surfaces (or otherwise). The airless method used ensures quality and long running results. Type: In-house or On-site.

blasting and coating